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Practice Philosophy

Chesapeake Dental - Our Practice's Philosophy 

So, after ten years in dentistry, I was finally asked to write down my practice philosophy. This is somewhat amusing to me because in school I was told that this would be the most important concept in my dental career that would make or break any dental relationship...and I'm finally writing it down now. What an easy task it really is when you think about it, when you try to live it every day.

You see, my philosophy revolves around what type of person I am and what made me decide to become a dentist. I believe I'm a perfectionist at heart. When one takes this to the extreme in life, this may not be ideal. But in dentistry, it's one of my best qualities. I would like to think that all of my past dentists were perfectionists, but I'm sure they were not, for this is a rare breed that takes the time to express itself. This is one quality that although unspoken, is deep in the minds of every patient.

The other and probably more important reason I wanted to be a dentist was my irresistible urge to help people. This may sound "corny" to some, but to know that you have the gift to relieve someone's pain or repair a smile and restore self-esteem is the most rewarding feeling one could ever have. I believe that this true sense of caring for your patients shines through to people. My patients will always know that I genuinely care about them. I will always treat my patients as if they were my family.

There are those that believe that money is the motivation to be a dentist. The money that dentistry has shown me has never been my driving force, but if I can do something to the best of my ability and know in my heart that the patient is getting a great service...then I will never feel guilty about it's worth.

The bottom line is, I love dentistry and I could never imagine doing anything else! Whether you're in Stevensville or Chester, MD or anywhere else,  I look forward to helping you achieve the smile you always wanted!

Thanks for the opportunity to write this down. I hope it tells you a little about myself. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to schedule an appointment or had any additional questions about our dental practice in Chester MD.

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