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Chesapeake Dental Offers Dental Implants in Chester

As a comprehensive replacement for missing teeth, Dr. James Pochron offers dental implant restorations in Chester, MD. Those missing one or more missing teeth can call Chesapeake Dental and schedule an appointment for an evaluation to determine if dental implants are the right choice for you.

Implant Dentistry in Queen Anne’s County

Replacing missing teeth is essential in restoring the form, function, and esthetics of the smile. Patients visiting our practice receive personalized care to help them achieve their most beautiful smile yet.

Our practice works with local specialists to coordinate treatment for placing dental implants. Once your new posts have integrated into the jaw and healed properly, Dr. Pochron uses an abutment to affix your restoration to your new roots. Dental implants are versatile in their application and can be made to a variety of restorations, including:

Single-unit crowns replace a single missing tooth anywhere in the smile. This can be an essential procedure following an extraction to preserve the existing dental structure.

Multi-unit bridges are an improvement to the traditional bridges that use adjacent healthy teeth for stability. This method uses anywhere from two to three dental implants placed directly into the jaw bone, preserving the integrity of existing teeth while restoring full function back to the smile.

Implant-supported dentures are complete replacements for an entire arch of missing teeth using up to 8 dental implants strategically placed for optimal comfort, strength, and stability. Patients have the option of choosing removable or fixed implant-supported dentures to fit their lifestyle.

Addressing the Root Issue of Missing Teeth in Chester

As we age, the jaw weakens over time. When a tooth is missing, the jaw loses the support necessary to maintain its structure, thus going into a process of resorption and experiencing atrophy. This leads to several issues, such as a brittle jaw bone and signs of premature aging due to a sunken appearance to the face. Dental implant posts replace the supporting structure natural tooth roots provide to both the crowns of teeth and the jaw bone. This comprehensive replacement for missing teeth restores your dental structure while providing you with a beautiful smile to last a lifetime.

Find Your Replacement Teeth

Chesapeake dental is a premier provider of implant restorations in Chester, MD. Call our practice and schedule an appointment with Dr. James Pochron to explore your best options for replacing missing teeth.

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